The largest event to date, driven by the growing recognition of

Featuring 500 companies and 1,600 booths, Key participating companies: Hyundai Rotem, LIG, Kia, Hanwha Systems, Poongsan, and more.

Largest number of overseas VIP visits from 50 Countries

United States, Slovakia, Brazil, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Estonia, Ecuador, Mongolia, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Singapore, and more.

Annual meeting with high-ranking military officials

Meetings by each sector (Infantry, Armored, Artillery, Air Defense, intelligence, Aviation, CBRN, Logistics, etc.)

Integrated exhibition on defense industry!

Mobility, Firepower, Protection, intelligence, Military Rations, Construction, Medical Support, and more.

An exhibition where the present and future of the ROK Army coexist.

The future of the Army! Science and technology powerhouse.
Fields: Unmanned Robots, 3D Printing, Big Data, AI, Drones, Robots, and more.

Business programs for tangible outcome.

Export consultations, startup technology demo day, pitch-day, official delegation purchase consultations, and more.