KADEX 2024 is the best platform for introducing innovative technologies to key military stakeholders.

Why Startup in KADEX 2024?

A platform for successful technology exchange to achieve Defense Innovation


Networking between the army and startups with technological expertise.


Inviting institutional investors and hosting investment attraction seminars


Exploring outstanding technologies and discussing defense application strategies.


Confirming the direction of the army’s technological development.

Startup Summit
A platform for collaboration between startups with technological expertise and the military.
A platform for IR presentations to attract investment for startups.
Operation of the Military Utilization Consultation Office.
Promotion plan for outstanding private sector companies to enter the military field, and descriptions on policies related to private-military technology transfer projects.

KADEX Secretariat

If you have any inquiries or concerns related to participation or attendance,
please feel free to contact the secretariat at any time.



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