The largest defense platform in Asia

Why Visitors in KADEX 2024?

Discover the excellence of K-defense that is garnering attention worldwide
Confirm the present and future of the ROK Army.


Examine the characteristics of new technologies and products from participating companies


Identify outstanding private sector technologies suitable for adoption by the army.


Build business network with domestic and international defense companies


Understand key policies and development directions of the Army

The largest event to date, driven by the growing recognition of K-defense.
A record-breaking defense export value of $17.3 billion (24 trillion KRW).
Featuring 500 companies and 1,600 booths, including participation from leading K-defense companies.
An exhibition where the present and future of the ROK Army coexist.
creating a platform for leaping into a science and technology powerhouse.
Unmanned robots, 3D printing, Big Data, AI, drones, and robots.
ANNUAL Meeting
The core of the ROK Army’s strategy and policy.
Participation from all Army personnel, presenting the development direction of the Army.

KADEX Secretariat

If you have any inquiries or concerns related to participation or attendance,
please feel free to contact the secretariat at any time.



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